Natural Travertine Manufactured & Imported From Turkey

Our Quarry. Where it all begins.

Travertine by Rende has been producing and importing travertine tiles from quarries in Denizli, Turkey since 2011. Travertine must first be harvested from the quarry which is selected based on color, quality and other factors. The travertine is then harvested in blocks and cut into the sizes
we need and processed for the surface finish.

Our products consist of travertine tiles for floors, walls and swimming pools, as well as
travertine slabs, pavers, mosaics, moldings, medallions, sinks, columns, bullnose and travertine
baths. We control the quality of the travertine tiles and slabs in our selection department before
they are shipped.

If you have a special order or project, we are able to handle your request. Just tell us the color,
dimensions, and finish and we can place the order from our fabrication shop in Turkey and
deliver to you.

Travertine by Rende has been growing rapidly since the company was founded and we are
increasing our products every year and will continue to strive to be the leader in the industry of
the South.